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The Art of Christmas

17/12/2009 Artistic Art Gamer Article
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The Art of Christmas Article

The Art of Christmas

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Maybe it's just my creative side, but I have always had a soft spot for Christmas. It's when I recharge my batteries and find the energy to engage with another year in the art world.

Because of this, I often notice when games are made around the Christmas theme. These obviously range from blatant tie-ins to those with a little more creative cheer.

Home Alone NES: In 1991 to follow up the classic family film this game recieved mixed reviews. But who can argue against the sheer genius of the artists who combined Christmas trees, ornaments and tinsel in over the top decor that would make even me blush.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause uses many types of winter and holiday themed graphics to convey a definite time of year for this game to take place. Snowy pine trees, reindeer and even the milk and cookies you collect make me feel ready for Christmas when ever I play it.

Christmas Lemmings: In 1993, although a little strange to some, the limited edition Christmas levels were roundly welcomed as a success. Each level has the little guys tramping through snow - often to their doom. It's completely immersed in winter and Christmas decor from plant life to reindeer and snowmen.

Nightmare before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge: In typical Tim Burton style, this game takes the Christmas spirit to a slightly unerving level. Using spooky imagery and design, the artists create a scary winter wonderland with Christmas runnig through the middle. Along with bony reindeer who lead Claws in his sleigh to the presents and trees there was also a good game underneath it all.

Written by Mary Hess

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"Are games art? The long debate may never be settled. Either way these reviews come from a place that responds to something deep and meaningful."

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