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23/10/2009 Artistic Art Gamer Article
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Art is Everywhere in Games Article

Art is Everywhere in Games

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Art in any form is a wonderful thing. But there is one type of art that is more common than others. Modern art is basically the art that we see today, opposed to the art of ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, or Egypt. Though some of these styles of art are very common in some places nowadays they are not modern. Below you will find great examples of games that have modern art in them.

Starcraft 2: Although this is a relatively new game, the graphics are astounding. They are based on the graphics and civilizations of Earth, but, far in the future. Great things about the graphics of this game are that the Old West graphics in the United States can be seen. There are also peeks of old jukeboxes, saloons, and shopping outlets, although none are used in the game.

Far Cry: This is a futuristic game that has a wide variety of modern graphics in it. There is anything ranging from savanna's with animals and country style homes, to crowded city streets full of neighborhoods and even quaint little condo style homes. The fact that these get blown up often doesnít dissuade one from looking at the beauty involved in it.

Halo: This mixes a great deal of the space-age type clothing and structures with a futuristic look. A great thing about the graphics in this game is the fact that they are possible, has been done for movies, and quite possibly will be used in the future to design actual suits for military, as well as ship designs. The weaponry in the game is very advanced and resembles.

Heavy Rain: A bit more realistic then some of the other games, this shows very lifelike modern art people, as well as buildings and the perception of the world for a father who has lost his child. It is very realistic in a romance type way.

3D Dot Game Heroes: This is modern in the way that it resembles Legoís a bit, in graphics. You can be pixilated in this! This is great because not only is it an RPG, it allows you to see a place turn completely into a 3D world from a 2D world.

Half-Life: Though this is a bit space-like and fancy, it is still modern in the way that the people sound very Americanized and the weapons and great deal of buildings and machinery are very modern. Military bunkers and other installations are what you see today, brought to real life via graphical technologies.

Gran Turismo: Any of these great racing games give you the advantage of seeing modern technology and art in the way of wonderful vehicles. These greatly detailed racing cars are wonderful, as well as the fast game play and real life air the game incorporates.

Army of Two: Although this may fall along the lines of just another shooting and war game, the stunningly lifelike outfits and buildings that you will see give you no doubt as to the genre of time this falls into. Playing this game opens the eyes up to the world surrounding us in a time of war.

MLB: Graphics such as this are about as modern as you can get. From the cheering stands, to the lovely fields and team members, the graphics of any sports game is always perfect, lifelike, and full of great fun. This is one of the ways you know technology has advanced in the graphics department - when things look and sound real.

Resident Evil: Top guide to graphics would be the same without an honorable mention to this. The lifelike graphics, be they human or monster, bring an entire new outlook on the future of the planet if things arenít kept safe. The very real and recognizable cities in this game, mixed with the characters, make you seem as if you are inside of the game instead of just a player.

Written by Mary Hess

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