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07/12/2008 Artistic Audio Gamer Podcast
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Wii-Sports Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Wii


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Rebecca's Favourites

Here is my musical review of Wii-Sports on the Wii, I've called it 'Press A'.

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Lyrics for Press A

My boyfriend wanted a Nintendo Wii for christmas, he said, "Girl don't you love me?"

We can play together, bowling tennis and golf and there's a new game coming out for you to do your yoga." So we queued up for hours, we hunted for a second controller, we created our mini me's and mine was very sweet.

"Press A, press A, press A" he said "why can't you remember to Press A? You're holding us all up with something as simple as that."

He said, "Don't forget now to wear your safety strap at all times, you're gonna send it straight through the TV." He said, "No need to punch me, the boxing's on the screen, you're getting way too excited, why don't you take it easy." And it was one thing or another and I said, "Darling this ain't such fun, I think I'm gonna leave your games to you and your chums."

"Press A, press A, press A" he said "why can't you remember to Press A? You're holding us all up with something as simple as that."

Video Game References in Press A

Wii-Fit, Wii-Sports, Mii's, Wii.

Written by Rebecca Mayes

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"Recently I jumped into that black hole and found myself lost in a place I don't understand. It is a place full of spectacle and phenomena which feeds my imagination. In many ways I represent all the people who know nothing about games, who are uninspired and uninterested in games."

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