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Rebecca Mayes checking in again. So my song-review of Velvet Assassin is up. It's not a great game on any level. I make two vague criticisms about it in the song; that the nazi's can sometimes see you when you're well hidden; and that you can't use guns to win (try it). Maybe that's not even a criticism.

Ok so the review factor of this song is nill. I was too distracted by my own disgust to focus on the small things. They tried to make it a sympathetic war game. Letters to the wife at home etc. But this real life, amazing, courageous woman's story and it was boiled down to her soft nighties and skin-tight leather and her appetite for throat slitting. Geez.

On the plus side I enjoyed my self-righteous anger. It's kinda interesting for me. I'm aware of my own buying and selling in our consumer world, as a musician and as a woman. Hence I included a shot of me filming myself in the mirror, to bring some awareness to the irony. However much I wanna make baddies out-there it's really something we're all co-creating.

On a lighter note it was heart-warming to ride on the steam train. I got loads of funny looks for what I was wearing and the fact that I was walking around pointing a camera at myself. Whenever I walked past everyone ducked. There is a deep english aversion to being caught on film. It is very endearing.

I'm building up a collection of Rebecca Mayes Muses memorabilia, including my wolverine mask, my overlord mask and now my little pink train ticket.

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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