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Rebecca Mayes Live Show | Modern Warfare 3 360

30/11/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Podcast
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Modern Warfare 3 360

Modern Warfare 3



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Multiplayer Gamer (360)

My Modern Warfare 3 song questions what courage is. For me it's not the big brash shooting in front of me on the screen but in the small quiet stories of the people behind the controls.

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When I came to write Modern Warfare I basically just felt really grateful for all the support and opportunities I'd had for these sounds. I had so many superb interactions and responses from people about what I was doing. So this song felt like a perfect opportunity to think about how everyone's lives are so interesting and full of adventure.

You can think that your life is dull and mundane, but when you start to tell your own story it's full of depth and beauty and tragedy and wonderful things. Which is interesting when you consider how much of this time we invest in playing games.

Modern Warfare had the added irony of being a game about warfare that, to me, seemed to at the same time be an exploration of courage. We play it because we want those courage moments in the game for ourselves.

The song seemed to be received as a bit of a downer, rather than this big celebration of life. I guess the video in the laundrette didn't help. Like I said in my Modern Warfare blog, I was actually quite ill (and embarrassed) when I was shooting the video for the song. This was the one where I think I made the biggest public spectacle of myself.

I wanted this song to be really stripped back, to keep it simple. It's a challenge because then everything's on show. The guitar part and the vocal have to be really perfect.

If this song is about anything it's the sentiment that life is exciting rather than mundane. I wanted to totally question that life is mundane. I think reality can be very very exciting if you are brave enough to really live on the age and do things you are afraid of.

Fight - Lyrics

Is it everything you hoped for?
Is it flawless, like the moon is tonight
Is it everything you've worked for
With the latest technology, with all we can achieve

Does your heart break as you fall through that snowstorm
Does your heart break as you fall through submarines, helicopters and all the world’s adventures

To fight, to fight for your life
Will you fight, will you fight for your life
Cause will we talk about this game for years to come
Or will we talk about you, about you
Oh what might you do?

Is it every bit the sequel that you wished for
On your favourite star
Are you every bit the soldier that you know you are
In your secret heart

Are you in love with the countless weapons you will never touch
Are you in love with the feeling of living all the world’s adventures

Will you fight, will you fight for your life
Will you fight, will you fight for your life
Cause will we talk about this game for years to come
Or will we talk about you, about you
Oh what might you do?
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes Live column.

"I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane, into the cartoon rabbit hole I fell into writing little songs about videogames."

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