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18/05/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Podcast
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Hotel Dusk DS

Hotel Dusk



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I reviewed Hotel Dusk DS with this quirky number, as you may recall. But here's the inside scoop about how it happened and what it all meant to my cat Jabber.

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Welcome to my little live show on Game People. We're taking a little trip down memory lane together as I talk about the different review songs I wrote for sheer heck of it. This week I'm talking about my review for Hotel Dusk on the Nintendo DS. The Infuriating and Alluring Case of Mr Kyle Hyde.

I was at my wits end writing this song. It just seemed like such an aggravating game. I don't have much patience when it comes to these things, and Kyle Hyde in particular was the most frustrating man ever.

But at the same time there was this sense of chemistry between us, I can't explain it really. This kind of love, hate thing. People who drive you crazy but draw you in at the same time. That was the kind of relationship I developed with Kyle, the main character here. I like to think the feeling was mutual.

I had a cold at the time, which you can actually hear in the recording, and in the end I just had to write the first thing that came into my head. I sent it into Game People almost apologetically and feigning illness (ed: I always thought you were faking) and it turned out to be something of a cult hit.

I was inspired by Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor, the sort of artists who write unexpected quirky lyricists who combine profundity and off the wall moments. I wanted to convey my frustration with the game, but also the strong sexual attraction that was going on between me and this 2D very attractive man.

The game conveyed a really strong masculine presence really well, so I really felt like I was having a relationship with his presence. Maybe that's why we get so obsessed about these games, because they tap into something so personal.

The Infuriating and Alluring Case of Mr Kyle Hyde Lyrics

If I wanted to read a book I'd read a book with slightly better dialogue and plot.
If I wanted to watch a film noir I'd watch a film noir with slightly better cinematography
If I wanted to play a game I'd play a game if you get my meaning.

Having said that I love you Kyle Hyde and your come kiss me eyes
I love you Kyle Hyde and the secrets you hide behind your eyes
Won't you come on down to room 215 where wishes come true

Everyone thinks you're a cynical bastard but I know better
You just need a little tenderness and a soft-knit sweater
Oh I'd wrap you up, I'd wrap you up safe from you memories
No more nightmares darling not with me so take yourself a little less seriously

I love you Kyle Hyde and your come kiss me eyes
I love you Kyle Hyde and the secrets you hide behind your eyes
Won't you come on down to room 215 where wishes come true

Whatever you do keep your mouth shut for five minutes can't you Kyle?
If you give me another game over and I have to listen to your jabber one more time I might just have to shoot you like you shot your partner, how could you?
Kyle Hyde, Kyle Hyde just died.
Kyle Hyde, Kyle Hyde just died.
I'll get over it.
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes Live column.

"I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane, into the cartoon rabbit hole I fell into writing little songs about videogames."

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