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DS Seperation Fears Blog

DS Seperation Fears

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Jamie Collins

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We are board game people. But we've decided to join the world of the videogame - scary I know. It's not been an easy road, and we've still not committed to a system yet, but I think we are getting closer.

We don't currently have a pet. Having lost two cats to the road outside our house, we're back to thinking about it. You see, we don't rush decisions. We like to consider all the angles.

Rather than a fluffy friend, our eldest daughter Charlotte (9) has consistently put a Nintendo DS at the top of her birthday and Christmas wish lists. All her school friends have one (we checked, they really do). There was no question that the Nintendogs game would keep her occupied for hours and could maybe scratch that 'Why can't we have a pet?' itch.

Last Christmas we came as close as we ever will to buying a DS. A proposal was put together: combined Christmas and birthday present from us plus one set of grandparents. But it wasn't to be.

We finally got around to watching the BBC TV series Electric Dreams. At the beginning of first episode, a thoroughly modern family are returned to the 1970s, technologically speaking.

As the personal gadgets are reintroduced the children are seen to migrate away from the communal space of the living room back to their bedrooms. Although central heating and TVs in bedrooms played their parts in this, it seemed clear that handheld electronic games had the greatest effect.

This was the nail in the DS coffin for our family, we didn't want to end up playing in separate rooms.

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Guest review by Jamie Collins

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Jamie Collins wrote this Board Gamer article under the watchful eye of Ed Stephens.

"In a world of ever advancing technology, where gaming is often synonymous with consoles, I'm here to take a different approach and look at board games."

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