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Buzz Quiz World PS3 Guide

28/11/2009 Specialist Frugal Gamer Guide
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Buzz Quiz World PS3

Buzz Quiz World



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Buzz Quiz World is the latest version of the popular videogame quiz show for the PS3 that puts you and your friends on a entertaining ride through a variety of general knowledge challenges. Featuring over 5,000 brand-new questions, new characters and new types of round, Buzz! Quiz World will keep everyone entertained for hours with this amazing redesign and evolution of the series.

From the start itís clear that Buzz has gone through a complete overhaul, going for a very 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' style of presentation. It's also gone for a super-accessible menu that lets you jump into the game with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to access game photos or download additional content from the PlayStation Store with the press of a button.

The way of getting into a quiz has also been tweaked to make it quicker and less fiddly - a raft of preset games are available from the start and you can choose between a 15-minute game, a 45-minute game, or a game consisting of purely serious or trivial rounds. The complicated method of selecting games has been vanquished for this sequel and itís easy to see leaderboards for certain single-player challenges by just hovering over the desired option. All evidence that this version of Buzz is the best yet.

One of the many new features is integral to the presentation of the game and that's the building of player profiles. The game lets you create a personal profile, with your own image or avatar that animates in a variety of humorous ways on the screen, but it also includes one great immersion-building technique - by letting the presenter, Buzz, call by name. Thereís a database of common first-names and hearing the presenter of the show constantly call you by your real name whilst in the game adds a tremendous amount to the experience, especially with family or friends.

Instead of just seeing leaderboards to denote your progress, Buzz himself will comment on how well you're doing in the match and in the individual round. This makes playing the game feel more and more like a proper TV quiz show and the slick visual presentation goes a long way in creating a very unique and entertaining experience.

Buzz Quiz World also includes new modes with Boiling Point and On the Spot offering some interesting twists on the familiar quiz structure. By answering six questions correctly in a row you'll fill up your thermometer in Boiling Point and gain a huge number of points. On the Spot has you voting on whether you think your opponent will know the answer to a question - this result gets turned into points that are given or taken away depending on the players success. This type of variety is essential in keeping these quiz games interesting and Buzz Quiz World succeeds at nearly every turn at keeping the game fresh and fast-paced.

What kept this game in my PlayStation 3 more than any other Buzz game was how few repeat questions there were. In my many hours of playing I rarely saw the same question twice and the presentation of the game always kept my attention and those of my friends. It's the realistic TV style that also makes Buzz Quiz World so fun to play with the exuberance and corniness of Buzz himself adding to the experience. With the hilarious credit sequence that lets you know who was the best or worst during a match and the small animated touches with your player avatars, this is by far the best Buzz game I've played.

The multitude of questions and vastly upgraded visual style and presentation make Buzz Quiz World for the PlayStation 3 the best quiz game on any console. It has a superior sense of humour with a large variety of game modes and questions. The ability to connect with other players over the PlayStation Network and download premium or fan-made quiz packs is a stroke of genius, making this the ultimate videogame quiz package for the coming holidays.

Written by Jan Brookes

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