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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PS3 Guide

21/10/2009 Specialist Frugal Gamer Guide
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PS3

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010



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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is the ninth version of the extremely popular soccer game released by Konami. The game allows you to play any one of a huge variety of teams, both at international and club level, and take that team through a vast selection of tournaments and leagues - both online and offline. Each year Konami delivers huge advancements in the gameplay and options available in each sequel and PES 2010 on 360 and PS3 is no different.

Pro Evo 2010 - available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 2 and later on the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii - combines super realistic gameplay with stunning graphics and improved options to deliver the ultimate footballing experience on all the next generation consoles.

This year's edition of PES 2010 benefits from the most exhaustive raft of new features in the games history, including key improvements to the gameplay and computer artificial intelligence. Specifically, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 features a far greater footballing experience with each team playing far closer to their real life counterparts, and individual players carrying uncanny characteristics that single them out in the game. Teamvision 2.0 has also been implemented to great effect, midfielders and defenders working together to cover open space and break up the oppositions attacks.

All new animations and moves are implemented into this years Pro Evolution Soccer and seamlessly integrate to create a smooth, solid gameplay experience. Individual skills are now available depending on the player, including new flicks and tricks that change the flow of the game drastically. Those with time to invest can greatly improve their skills through learning the complex set piece and trick shot combinations. At times this almost feels more like Street Fighter 4 than a football game.

Fans of the series will be extremely pleased to hear of the new Master League rework, as Konami have recreated the entire feature to include a far greater managerial experience, with real currency and precise tactical decisions making their way into the already solid structure. The inclusion of the champions league implemented into the season has also been added, offering a far greater experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 10's presentation has been drastically improved too, with players resembling their real life counterparts both in their movements and facial expressions. An improved match day atmosphere is now present also, with the in-game crowd reacting to actions on the pitch, showing their distain for a bad foul or an easy goal missed.

This became particularly evident in a recent derby match I setup between Manchester United and Manchester City. I was able to recreate the match experience by setting my team strategy to attack hard and press the ball - which lead to a fair few nasty tackles and feisty reactions, both from the players and the home crowd! But more than this, the I was surprised how genunine the game felt, tensions really rose as the final whistle approach and the game was tied.

It's been seven years since Konami released their first Pro Evolution Soccer title, and PES 2010 is a definate high point. With FIFA's recent improvements this was key to the ongoing kudos of the franchise. The game offers a vast, unique gaming experience that is both lifelike and enjoyable. A little warning though: Make sure you have plenty of time before you start playing - it's very addictive!

Written by Jan Brookes

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