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Ex-Rental vs Used Games

03/05/2010 Specialist Frugal Gamer Article
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Ex-Rental vs Used Games Article

Ex-Rental vs Used Games

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In Box DLC is all about the publishers of videogames trying to encourage you, the customer, to buy new games rather than renting or buying second-hand copies. Games such as Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 have both released with codes inside the box to redeem and download additional content.

Though it can feel as if you're being punished for not buying new games, this extra content is actually quite small and limited in scope. When we're talking about titles that have upwards of 20 hours of content, a five-minute diversion that has little to do with the core experience is largely pointless.

When you rent a game for as little as 3.49, the absence of this small amount of DLC is trivial and you always have the option to purchase it in-game if you so desire. Compared with the price of new or pre-owned games, the value from renting far outweighs this publisher-led DLC.

I think renting games still offers the best value for money.

In actual fact all the figures point to this new initiative making rental games more attractive - certainly compared to used games. Whereas second hand games won't have these codes, buying an ex-rental game should come with the DLC intact and ready to use. I think renting games still offers the best value for money, both when you rent the game or if you then buy an ex-rental copy for prolonged enjoyment.

What do you think? Will this 'In Box' code issue affect your renting or used-game buying habits?

Written by Jan Brookes

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