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Revisiting Wario Ware Blog

Revisiting Wario Ware

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The WarioWare line of games have been some of the most inventive experiences of recent years. A recycling of old videogaming tropes combines with a fresh quirky interpritation of gaming to create something unique.

At first each series of minigames seems to be about fast reactions. But in fact it's spotting the cultural connection between the one word instructions and the required action that is the real game here.

Lets cast our minds back over the series:

Nintendo's follow up to the massively successful WarioWare: Mega Microgames on Gameboy Advance introduced another of their growing interests: motion controls. WarioWare: Twisted combines the riddle based mini-games, wonderful left/right motion controls and vibration feedback to deliver an experience that genuinely builds on their previous successes... read now

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WarioWare DIY Showcase offers micro-game addicts another 72 shots in the arm. But more importantly, it's the place to test our your DS WarioWare DIY creations to friends and family. Create on the commute to work then impress them that evening. The complete game development cycle in bit size pieces... read now

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WarioWare DIY flexes Nintendo's considerable ability to make complex tasks simple and enjoyable. Game development 101 has never been more intuitive. Alongside these goods though is their unwillingness to enable players to interact with strangers, limiting the audience for your WarioWare DIY creations considerably... read now

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As WarioWare: Touched was called upon to bolster the launch lineup for the DS, so too WarioWare: Smooth Moves was timed to give the Wii an early boost. Again the WarioWare team prove their imaginative worth with an impressively varied game... read now

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Towards the end of the life of the Gameboy Advance Intelligent Systems released WarioWare: Mega Microgames and it was nothing short of a revelation. Wario was an existing and popular Nintendo character - something like Mario's heavier evil twin. Although the game had shades of Mario Party's varied quick fire rounds, WarioWare was unlike anything previously released and single handedly breathed new life into the mini game genre with its imaginative, time limited, quick fire wacky games... read now

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Before the DS was a household name Nintendo had to work hard to convince both the gaming public and critics that their handheld could deliver compelling experiences. WarioWare Touched answered many of these questions in one go, and set their two screened machine on the road to success... read now

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Following the success of WarioWare: Mega Microgames on the Gameboy Advance, WarioWare was released on the Gamecube. Like its portable counterpart, and although this had shades of Mario Party's varied quick fire rounds, WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Games was unlike anything previously released on the system. WarioWare breathed new life into the mini game genre with its imaginative, time limited, quick fire, wacky games... read now

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Written by Sinan Kubba

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Sinan Kubba writes the Curation Gamer column.

"As an 80s kid I was obsessed with gaming. But university, stress and life relegated my hobby to the backseat. After years in the wilderness, I'm back into video games. I don't just want to play games that remind of a happy youth though. I'm just as excited about games that take things forward, experiences that re-ignite that curiosity and fascination I had years ago."

Here are the games I've been playing recently:

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