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Barbie Fashion Show DS Review

24/02/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Barbie Fashion Show DS

Barbie Fashion Show



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Barbie Fashion show for the DS is a really simple and fun game for your young gamer. It is creative and has lots to do without them getting bored or needing lots of help. The voice prompts are clear and with minimal text it was easy for my daughter (and me!) to follow.

In our house we have designated chunks of computer or TV time, which is when I scurry away to get on with my domestic chores, so when my kids sit down to play a game on the DS, I don't want to be pestered every 10 second with requests for help. I thought this game was brilliant as it was really do-able for my 6 year old daughter, who absolutely loves it! Though try as much as I can to steer her away from the likes of Barbie and her stereotypically skinny blonde image, this game won over with its fun creative side, letting the player have a great time designing their own catwalk show.

Lots of sugary pink and pretty flowers are just what appeal to my daughter. I didn't have to ask her twice if she wanted to give it a try. First step is to choose your first outfit; tops, bottoms and dresses are all available to be given your creative touch with colours patterns and motifs. She had complete freedom to do what she wanted, which I thought was great. It's easy for a 6 year old to get frustrated with something if it's too difficult but this it made it simple by stopping her from colouring outside the lines of her outfit.

She came up with a wonderfully gaudy mix of green flowers on the front and pink stripes on the back.

She came up with a wonderfully gaudy mix of green flowers on the front and pink stripes on the back. All the time Barbie congratulating her on what a gorgeous outfit she was putting together. When the outfit is finished you can choose your model; Brooke, Sarah and Ashley are all waiting to take their turn down the catwalk, a PC mix of red heads, blondes and brunettes and even male models!

My daughter wasn't so interested in choosing the set up for her catwalk and show, I think she was too impatient to get to the fashion show bit and see her clothes in all their glorious technicolor. She got the hang of taking photos of each model as they strutted down the runway, choosing poses for the models. With 5 outfits to design for each show the game has plenty of scope to keep your young fashion designer amused for a considerable time. A thumbs up from Mum too!

Written by Josie Campbell

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