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Imagine: Dream Wedding DS Review

26/01/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Imagine: Dream Wedding DS

Imagine: Dream Wedding



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I'm getting a bit old for girlie wedding planning, but I saw this and it looked fun so thought I'd give it a try. At first I was rather sceptical how a sugary American style wedding game with awful music and cartoon brides could appeal to a mid-thirties British mum, but to my surprise I actually enjoyed it!

The object of the game is to adopt the role of wedding planner and style your bride and her wedding according to what you think she will like. First you choose your bride using a set of profiles which detail, profession, favourite colours and the kind of wedding she wants. The game is really simple to navigate (probably one of the reasons I actually kept playing it!) and then guides you through all the wedding planning areas. Stationary, music, venue, clothes for the bridal party and most importantly of all the bridal wear.

It may well appeal to younger children, it is certainly easy enough for my 6 year old to play.

As you go to each building in ‘wedding town' you are given different options for each set of wedding gear. Your bride helpfully smiles or pouts as you tap each item giving you and idea of which one she likes. This I found highly amusing and found myself talking back to her in a Barbie style voice! It took about 10 minutes to get all the items for my wonderful wedding. It got bit tiresome when I had to style the groom as well - eyebrows and all.

When it is all ready a limo pulls up and it's time for the big day. As the ceremony started I was taken to a screen with camera controls - shock horror I am the photographer! You get a chance to see the photos you took when the game is over. After the ceremony you find out if you have pleased your bride-client or not.

I was rather dismayed to find that she was not a happy bunny, despite me paying so much attentinon to detail with her blusher and earings. Maybe it was my photography skills that lost it for me? becuase on browsing the photos after the wedding I realised I had chopped off the brides head and ran out of photos before the ceremony even started!

Thankfully in games-land you get the chance to try again with a new bride and a new wedding...phew! If you do well then you get gifts from the bride and unlock more items to beatify your next wedding. There is also the option of sharing wedding gifts with your friends. While this game is pretty shallow and pointless, (and rather short) it may well appeal to younger children, it is certainly easy enough for my 6 year old to play.

Written by Josie Campbell

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