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Mystery Case Files: Millionheir DS Review

03/03/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Mystery Case Files: Millionheir DS

Mystery Case Files: Millionheir




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Mystery Case Files: Millionheir is a fun, nicely put together game, full of intrigue and totally engrossing. It did get a little tedious after a while and is there really a mystery to solve? Well you be the detective!

I've never played a game like Millionheir before so I was intrigued by it from the start. I played in story mode (there is a quick play option too). Playing the part of detective is really fun. The game is pretty straightforward and guides you through all the chapters of the story really nicely without feeling that you are skipping bits or that there are other things you need to come back to (which always annoys me in games). The look of it is really nice bringing an authentic old fashioned 'who-dunnit' feel, along with great sound effects and music which really set the mood.

I enjoyed each of the cases in the investigation, which centre on different suspects. You are given different areas to search with clues to do it and tools to help like magnifying glass, x-ray tool, and flashlight (all of which are earned during the game, along with your detective badge!). At the end of each case you sign off the investigation - really sign it with your stylus on the screen, I though this was a really nice touch.

Not being a very patient person I was surprised at my ability to keep searching the picture until I found each one.

I found some of the search scenes mind bogglingly difficult, searching for a light bulb, aeroplane or tennis ball, all cleverly hidden the highly detailed picture. Sometimes the objects could be anywhere; sometimes you can be staring right at them without even realising it! Thank goodness you get a few hints for each screen to help you along. Not being a very patient person I was surprised at my ability to keep searching the picture until I found each one. I was determined to find them!

It's beautifully put together, I love the themes of each room you search, which are linked in with the characters you get to investigate. One an old barn with a wreck of an aeroplane; a garden and a museum full of weird and wonderful objects. As the game progresses you are given more difficult items to find. The clues become more cryptic to solve with you having to use the stylus to interact with the objects, like 'unlock the lock', and 'close the parasol'.

Each character you investigate has a history linked to the mystery of the missing millionaire and the rooms follow the theme of the character too, Like the rock and roll singer, where you search around his stage for clues. Once you have found all the objects you are often given other mini-puzzles to solve as well, like a jigsaw to rearrange or a picture to complete. My favourite was a doodle of a cat, mouse and some cheese; I had to interact with them in the right order to trap the cat in a cage. It was great!

This is the kind of game I pick up to play for five minutes then find myself there an hour later totally engrossed.

This is the kind of game I pick up to play for five minutes then find myself there an hour later totally engrossed. Anyone in the family could play this and enjoy it, though I think younger children might find some of the images a bit scary. The only criticism is that each of the chapters of the mystery are rather similar, there doesn't seem to be much difference in the tasks you are given, just a new scene to search and different objects to find. This might get a bit tedious after a while, but I am assured that even when the game finishes you can play again with different new scenes and different objects to find.

If you like a bit more race to your games you can play in 'Detective' mode which is timed. I played in 'Rookie' mode, which meant you had all the time in the world to investigate, which suited me much better. I think the fact that it is sold as a detective game is rather misleading, as apart from the theme of the game there isn't much more detective work to do than just searching for objects, it's a bit like a sophisticated Where's Wally! Even so this didn't detract from my enjoyment and I found the detective style back-story just added to feel of the game.

Written by Josie Campbell

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