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Electrolux Unirapido Gadget Review

30/06/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Electrolux Unirapido Gadget

Electrolux Unirapido



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A break from the games this week, but in my world of domestic bliss certainly no less fun. Here we have a Hoover that not only looks great but makes cleaning easier - meaning more time for games.

The Electrolux Unirapido is a really nifty little vacuum cleaner, much more than just glorified dust buster. It is really good looking too in hot pink and white. The real joy is that it is cordless meaning you can just grab it deal with a small mess or do a more thorough room clean. The charge lasts long enough to do one level of my house (3 bedrooms bathroom and landing) which is pretty impressive for a dust buster! Itís really light an easy to manoeuvre and the small head means its great for getting into tight corners.

There are different speed settings as well and I found the lower settings fine for de-crumbing the laminate flooring in the dining room, this helped to make the power last for longer too. Carpets needed a faster setting, but the little rotating brushes did a great job picking up pet hairs.

The only negatives are that itís small size does mean that a large expanse of carpet does feel a bit overwhelming and means a lot of pushing backwards and forwards and tall people may find it a bit short for them.

I have more of that nice clean carpet feeling more of the time.

The charging station is really small and unobtrusive and the vacuum is very easy to empty: nice clicky button on the front and the dust chamber pops out and can be emptied straight into the bin.

I personally love it and would definitely invest in one for my house.

I personally love it and would definitely invest in one for my house. I rarely get the time to get the large vacuum out and do the whole house which is always frustrating and I hate messy carpets. This little thing means I can just grab it and clean here and there as I need to, which means I have more of that nice clean carpet feeling more of the time. In fact I've realised that it will also be brilliant for cleaning the inside of the car as well!

Written by Josie Campbell

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