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Pizza Frenzy PC Review

20/05/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Pizza Frenzy PC

Pizza Frenzy



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Pizza Frenzy is quite a fun little game with nice cheery Italian bistro-type music and fun easy to play games. It's fun and quick to play meaning that both kids and adults will enjoy it. It's all wrapped up with some nice graphics and a fun Italian feel - even the narrator has an amusing Italian accent.

I haven't played a PC game since my early Sim City and Age of Empires days. I am unusually too busy on the PC working, emailing or face-booking to think about gaming. Our games are usually played in the living room or on the move with the DS.

The office - where the PC lives is a pretty worky area. To be honest I am amazed that anyone would bother making a PC game these days with so many great consoles on the market. But I guess there must be a demand for them.

I always remember PC games taking forever to load and this one was really quick to start and get playing and was easy to pop back to my desktop if I needed to. The game is pretty simple the idea is to establish your pizza empire by delivering pizzas as fast and accurately as you can to your customers - oh and not forgetting to collect any tips on the way.

I have to say that I got really hungry whilst playing this and really started to crave a pizza, so beware you may end up phoning your local takeaway before you know what you've done!

In exchange for your efforts you unlock new pizza delivery areas and new toppings even tacos and donuts if you are really savvy. The game also rings the changes with added challenges like delivering to high-tipping customers, and a memory game where you have to try and remember who ordered what. Although not much variation from the main game there feels like there is plenty to progress towards.

One thing that takes a bit of getting used to is that to pick up your pizza orders you have to click to pick up and click to drop it off, not drag and drop, which felt very odd. Once I got the hang if it was fine, but something that could have been thought through a little better. You do need fast mouse skills for this! I have to say that I got really hungry whilst playing this and really started to crave a pizza, so beware you may end up phoning your local takeaway before you know what you've done!

I think this is a fun quick to play game that kids and adults will enjoy, though most adults will probably master it and move on in about an hour, there is probably longer appeal for younger children. It is really nicely put together with nice graphics and a fun Italian feel - complete with the aforementioend Italian narrator.

If you have a PC this is a nice easy way to get into gaming without having to fork out big bucks on a console. Having been a bit off hand about PC games to start with I can see the appeal of this kind of game with families who might not want to completely turn over their living room to gaming and keep it to one area.

Written by Josie Campbell

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