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Big Family Games Wii Review

05/09/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Big Family Games Nintendo Wii

Big Family Games

Nintendo Wii



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Big Family Games offered a wide arrange of activities as the expense of real depth. There is plenty of fun to be had here, but you need to bring your own sense of competitive perseverence - something our kids were a little young for.

Ok confession time: I don't usually venture into family gaming. That joy is usually left for my other half, who seems to have the patience of a saint, or is better evolved for gaming than me!

Somehow the kids squabbling over the controller and faffing around trying to figure out how the game works is usually enough to put me off and not usually something I have the energy to embark on my own with the kids. Desperation hit five weeks into the summer holidays with the weather grey and dull I welcome any new forms of entertainment going to keep them little blighters amused a bit longer.

Big Family Games seemed like it might be fun to play together. The kids seem to think I am totally inept at computer games. They nagged and bossed me around so much I threatened to retreat back to the kitchen. 'Mum you are supposed to click there', 'no don't do it like that' before I have even had the chance to prove them wrong. I managed to restore their faith in me by getting the Wii-mote working, the game loaded and two kids playing. Phew!

The game uses the Wii-mote to play games such as basket ball, shuffle board, lawn darts and 'much much much more' or so the box says. After a frustrating first attempt at shuffle board (which required a rather tricky arm action) we moved on to lawn darts, which was much easier. The games are ok but not really that gripping, I've seen the kids having more fun on Boom blocks or Wii sports. There are a lot of games which aren't unlocked yet and the ones available are all a bit samey i.e. throwing a ball/dart towards a target. The kids (aged 4 and 6) are doing well navigating it by themselves, but as I said earlier their computer games experience outstrips mine hands down.

The kids (aged 4 and 6) are doing well navigating it by themselves.

As every parent knows all too well school holidays are fun but hard work. It's hard to keep up the momentum of outings and picnics every day. We all need a chill out day from time to time and rainy days are great for this, and let's face it we have plenty of those in Britain!

On an average school holiday I usually try to monitor the amount of 'screen' time the kids have in a day. Be it computer/DS/TV/Wii. At intersperse it with other more meaningful activities like craft or cooking. I actually really like the Wii compared to the more sedentary or solitary screen time. The kids are up on their feet, interacting with each other, working out what to do next and taking turns (most of the time!). So it's actually gone up in my estimations somewhat. I think the main barrier is my fear of not being able to work the game and having two disgruntled children as a result.

We just need to find a game which they can play together and which doesn't require too much help and technical know how.

But now I have seen how Wii savvy mine have got, I needn't really worry too much. We just need to find a game which they can play together and which doesn't require too much help and technical know how from me!

After just half an hour playing Big Family Games we decided to play something else. The kids were clearly bored and just mucking around when it wasn't their go. I don't think this game is quite a wonderful as the box suggests - and I'm still wonder what the 'twist' is when it says games with a twist. If it's just the fact that they are played on the Wii then that is really old hat these days and done much better elsewhere.

Written by Josie Campbell

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