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Ready Steady Cook Wii Review

27/07/2009 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Ready Steady Cook Nintendo Wii

Ready Steady Cook

Nintendo Wii


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Domestic Gamer (DS)

This new game attempts to bring the excitement of the classic daytime TV show to a games format – with mixed success. The strangely appealing gameshow format is there, although some may find there is not enough depth to what could have been a proper cooking challenge.

Anyone under the age of 25 will have fond recollections of watching Ready Steady Cook on TV when they got home from school, perhaps along with anyone over the age of 65! When I used to watch it - slightly guiltily because it wasn't all that cool when I was a student - there were two members of the audience, two celebrity chefs and 20 minutes to create a plate full of food from a mystery bag. I balk at the idea that housewives do nothing but sit around and watch daytime TV, I don't know many who have the time.

Suffice to say that my knowledge of the game show was a little out of date. The TV show has gone through a few format changes since its conception in 1994, with more celebrity contestants and a mug for the looser.

This game has all the feel of the TV show, everything from the title music to the teams of ‘green pepper' and ‘red tomato'.

There are numerous Wii and DS cooking games on the market now, so why do we need another one? This one's big selling point is its association with the TV show of the same name. For those who love Ready Steady Cook – this game has all the feel of the TV show, everything from the title music to the teams of ‘green pepper' and ‘red tomato'. Sadly there is no Fern Britton or Ainsley Harriott to bring that totally authentic feel.

What I remember best about Ready Steady Cook on TV is the rather pathetic attempts by the members of the audience to carry out the jobs given to them by the frantic celebrity chef, while they try and concoct a plate of food in twenty minutes. All of this from a random selection of ingredients they have been given just minutes before. In this game you are that member of the audience and are given all the menial jobs to do, like fetching food from the larder, de-seeding a chilli or grating garlic.

You may get to do a bit of a cooking at the end of you have performed all of the other tasks well. There are several difficulty levels to choose from and different value food bags to choose from depending on how exotic and complicated you want your final dish to be.

I think the cooking part of the game (the main part!) is rather lame.

I think the cooking part of the game (the main part!) is rather lame. My first task was to de-seed a green chilli. This was so poor that it took me forever to actually accomplish it, only to be given another green chilli, and another and another! The games are far too long and not a patch on the cooking tasks in similar formats. Another task was separating an egg white from yolk by tipping the Wii-mote from side to side, this was nearly impossible as the game required far more accuracy than my wii-mote could offer. Every time it would tip uncontrollably the wrong way at the last minute. (Again this brings me back to my bug-bear with Wii-motes!) The game looks much better than others I've played with nice clear crisp graphics and they have got the branding and the TV game show theme just right.

Iit may be just the thing to get the grey haired members of your family into a bit of gaming.

Because of its tie in with the TV show this game will attract a wider selection of gamers than your average Wii game – in fact it may be just the thing to get the grey haired members of your family into a bit of gaming (if they can manage the cooking tasks that is). If they really love Ready Steady Cook and are just out for a bit of light hearted cooking fun they'll probably enjoy this. But to be honest the TV show is better, cheaper and you won't get arm ache!

Written by Josie Campbell

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