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I have had an affinity with gaming since I fired up the old classic 'Elite'. When I discovered that a game could be more than just a pick up put down passing experience, when I found a depth in another world apart from this one that seemed to have no boundaries I was hooked.

I have been searching for that experience every since- games that don't rust on you - games that you can see a future in and can still see yourself playing in years time! Longevity and depth that you really believe could go on for the rest of your life- this is the most rewarding experience in the gaming world, so much of the games out there only scrap the surface of that, but when you see one that presses that 'perpetual' button you really know it.

Don't get me wrong I love pick up and put down games too, I think you have to survive. Otherwise my family and friends would lose me to those other worlds - world that promise so much, but sometimes leave you with a kind of soulless feeling of wasted time!

My quest is to look for that one game that links my own ongoing life to it, that captures my thoughts and gives me confidence that I could play this game, progress in this game, grow in this game. Elite touched on this all those years ago giving the experience of outer space that goes on and on. You could choose your own path, write your own stories without end. X-Beyond the frontier leant heavily in the same direction, but it's focus on detail left you dealing with a very complicated game experience.

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