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888 Ladies Bingo

06/10/2011 Family Eclectic Gamer Article
Guest author: Promotional Feature
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888 Ladies Bingo Article

888 Ladies Bingo

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If you follow my blog you'll know I'm a lady who's a little partial to a bit of Bingo. I seem to take flack on both sides for this - some friends think it's for old dears whilst others are worried I'm addicted.

In actual fact, for me it's a nice way to escape the busyness of the week for a few hours and play some online gaming with friends. I've been playing for quite a while, I first went with my Gran when I was a little girl, and over the years I've hunted down some of the more reputable and better setup Bingo sites.

Take the Ladies 888 online bingo site for instance, it's setup for someone just like me -- and no I don't mean the pink branding.

Firstly there are a variety of ways to play, so I can drop in for a quick game or spend a little longer. Also, there are some great articles and Blogs to discuss tactics and generally learn more about the game.

While no bingo site is perfect, I like the videogame tie-in here with games like Bejeweled. These versions of bingo actually play very well and do some justice to the videogames they ape.

As for as bingo sites go there are a few specifics that have made this stand out for me. There's a nice 20 free when you join, the ability to chat as you play and some really big jackpots to be won.

Some friends of mine were interested in getting started, and I appreciated being able to direct them to the site's responsible gambling pages. They remind players that they aim to encourage sensible gaming behaviour and want to prevent compulsive usage and underage access.

The bingo community that use the site are actually very good at implementing this themselves as well as giving newcomers a helping hand. It is this that has kept me playing for as long as I have -- in fact I wish I could transfer some of these friendships over to XBox live, and replace some of those juvenile American teens who are always swearing at me.

Guest review by Promotional Feature

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Promotional Feature wrote this Eclectic Gamer article under the watchful eye of Clare Sharpe.

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