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The Problem of Too Much Choice

24/05/2012 Family Eclectic Gamer Article
Guest author: Promotional Feature
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The Problem of Too Much Choice Article

The Problem of Too Much Choice

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My eclectic sensibilites has always meant I've flitted around with different technology. I guess I should also admit that it's made me more than a little vulnerable to popular fads.

Interestingly, it's been videogames that have managed to maintain my attention longer than other forms of media. So where as I've often taken to visiting bingo sites like Costa Bingo, and thouroughly enjoyed the experience, eventually I find myself back on the sofa next to my other half playing the latest videogame.

I was telling a friend of mine why I was so into on-line bingo the other day though, and this actually inspired me to go back and play some more. It's the people as much as the winning or loosing that I really enjoy. Unlike Xbox Live or PSN (should that really be SEN now?), Bingo players are much more community minded.

Back on the 360 I find myself putting up with the obvious younger age group as I get beaten for the umteenth time on Halo or Call of Duty. Even with all this though there is no denying that videogames offer someone of an eclectic bent, plenty of reasons to shell out for the next new game. They all have such tantalising new ideas about them.

My family has most recently been playing a lot of Go Vacation on the Wii, which you really can't beat for sheer variety. Not only does it match the likes of Skyrim for open world adventuring -- complete with four Island locations and oodles of treasure to find -- but it also offers 50 strong mini-games. Go Vacation and a Wii would keep any family entertained for a whole year, I'm convinced.

We have also been playing quite a lot of Alan Wake on the 360, once the kids are out of ear shot. It's a game that creates the sense of a real open world that you might get lost in if you are not careful. It then threads an intruiging survival horror story through the middle of it and has had us hooked. Well I told you I have eclectic tastes.

Whether it's Bingo or videogames or TV, I always seem to find something to distract me from the various chores I should probably be doing. No bad thing in my book.

Guest review by Promotional Feature

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Promotional Feature wrote this Eclectic Gamer article under the watchful eye of Clare Sharpe.

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