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Fabulous Bingo Review

16/03/2012 Family Eclectic Gamer Article
Guest author: Promotional Feature
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Fabulous Bingo Review Article

Fabulous Bingo Review

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I've been dipping my toe into the world of online bingo. I've played a bit in town, but nothing online until now.

Having tried a few sites I settled on Fabulous Bingo as it seemed like a nice bright place to play and a few of my friends had tried it. I particularly liked the different themed games - New York, Guilty Pleasures and Double Bubble. They all sounded like ill advised Cocktails you'd have when over seas, but actually were very easy to play.

The best part of playing online Bingo is the community. One of the reasons I picked Fabulous Bingo was that you get to setup a cute little picture of yourself and answer some questions. Then you see these while you are playing. Also, not being all that hot on Internet trends I was glad to find a list of the different chat lingo people used on the site. WB is Welcome Back, GL is Good Luck and LTNS is Long Time No See. I've actually got my friends into using these when we text each other too!

I was careful not to spend more than I wanted on my Bingo sessions but was also glad to read their Staying in Control guidelines. Although I'm not someone inclined to excess it's easy to get carried away and these guidelines were a real help.

As they say in their advice "There are many organisations that can provide help and support to individuals who develop a problem with gambling. If you feel that you may have a problem controlling your gaming we strongly recommend that you contact one of the following professional organisations for help and guidance."

It's still early days for Fabulous Bingo and me but if I carry on enjoying it as much as I am now I think I'll be playing Bingo online for some time.

Guest review by Promotional Feature

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