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Ladbrokes Speed Bingo

21/12/2012 Family Eclectic Gamer Article
Guest author: Advertorial Content
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Ladbrokes Speed Bingo Article

Ladbrokes Speed Bingo

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Ladbrokes Speed Bingo is becoming a favourite way for me to play Bingo online. I've tried a few others but have kept coming back to the features here.

As you'll know if you read my column I've tried quite a few Bingo sites in my time. I know not everyone approves of gambling but there are worse habits a girl can have aren't there? While a lot of sites make all sorts of promises and offer big incentives, I liked that Ladbrokes Speed Bingo is a brand I know and trust. This as much as anything meant I was happy to keep coming back.

I also like that the site offers clear rules on how to play. If you do get stuck the online help line is also good for answering queries. Most people will be able to get started without too much confusion though as the game is pretty easy to pick up. "Complete all three levels of the Ladbrokes Speed Bingo Challenge game and you will reveal an exclusive 5 No Deposit bonus code so you can start to experience all the fun Bingo games at Ladbrokes bingo for Free!"

I also appreciate their up front approach to responsible gameplay. They freely admit that bingo has an element of gambling, and needs to be treated with care. There is a dedicated Responsible Gambling page to ensuring players get the most out of the game in the right way.

Finally, I enjoyed the friendly community chat features. There are hosted chat spaces where you can go to talk about different strategies or swap stories. I've made more friends through playing -- and it's this more than any wins/losses that will stay with me.

If you are looking for friendly, fast bingo I'd give this a go.

Guest review by Advertorial Content

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