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Bejeweled PC Review

08/03/2009 Family Eclectic Gamer Review
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Bejeweled PC




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If you were a fan of the infamous Tetris back in the 1980s then you should probably check out Bejeweled. This fast-action puzzle game is very similar in style and game play; and can become quite addictive!

The aim of the game is to line up the brightly coloured jewels into rows, the more you can line up the more points you can earn. You race against the clock, swapping the gems around to form rows as the jewels fall from the top of the screen. What makes the game even more frenetic are the subtle twists. Every now and then an explosive gem arrives on the screen, as the individual timer ticks down you have to line up similar coloured gems to eradicate it. Fail to beat the timer and the gem explodes, taking other precious jewels with it, and you have to start lining things up all over again.

I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed Bejeweled; I have to admit that despite its title of the Greatest Game of All Time I was never a big fan of Tetris. The game play here is simple, and the graphics are well designed. As I progressed through the levels things became faster paced and more difficult which only added to the challenge and the enjoyment. It's a great game to play if you only have a short amount of time to play, but have a gaming itch to scratch. It doesn't require a lot of brain power either, though you can score more points if you think strategically and stay one step ahead of the game.

I played Bejeweled on my PC and thought that the game would be perfect on the iPhone due to the drag and drop nature of the game play; and lo and behold there's a version available. I think I'll be picking this one up to while away those times when I'm stuck on a bus with nothing but my phone to keep me occupied.

Written by Clare Sharpe

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