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19/12/2011 Family Eclectic Gamer Review
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Smeet PC




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Smeet blends PlayStation Home and online dating in a social space with big name brands. But more than the big names, it's the grown-up users that made the difference for me.

Before PlayStation Home came out on the PS3 I was really excited. I loved the idea of being able to shop, relax and play games with my friends from a central hub world. Also the thought of meeting other players seemed like a good idea to expand my flagging PS3 friends list.

The reality of PS3 Home didn't quite live up to the anticipation though and I found that not only were too few of my real-world friends using the system, the new people I met online seemed to be pretty young - kids mainly.

Then, a little while ago as part of my online dating research I came across Smeet. It's a lot like PlayStation Home. You can customise your own 3D virtual world, as well as style and dress your avatar, chat with other users and play online games.

The big difference is that it's browser-based life game though so you don't have to download any software. I can just go to the website and log in from where ever I am. This has meant that a lot more of my friends are using the service that would ever get a PS3 and use Home -- so I've more reasons to play.

I spent my first few days on Smeet building and decorating a little world for myself -- I'm a little obsessive at getting these things looking just right. Then I headed out and about to see who I could meet. There are public hangout spaces for different brands and live events where you can go to play and interact with other users.

One of the best things though is that there is a separate area for younger players to use. This means that us more mature ladies can enjoy playing without coming across a load of kids all the time. They can enjoy their world and we can enjoy ours.

So far Smeet has really surprised me.

I've always been keen on the idea of Virtual Worlds (click here) but never really found one that was a good fit for me. So far Smeet has really surprised me.

Like anything that's built around a community, there are times when things don't work perfectly, and people that can be a bit of a pain. But in the main the Smeet crowd has been right up my street.

I'll keep you posted on how I get on, and if I find that all important perfect date.

Written by Clare Sharpe

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