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Animal Crossing 02: A bit of hard graft

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Animal Crossing Wii

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One week into the game and here's another blog post with some more observations.

For me personally there is one main rule - no time travel. If I need a bug that can only be caught in the middle of the night then I'll stay up until the middle of the night! And likewise the daytime fish and insects - they'll have to be caught at weekends since I'm at work during the weekdays normally. If I miss something that only happens in November then I'll have to wait until next November to get it!

I've also decided to be more relaxed in my gameplay - in Wild World I really had to get every item, catch, collect and complete everything, as quickly as possible, and I spent hours doing it. For starters, I don't have as much time these days, so I can't possibly attempt to play the game as seriously as I did before. Also, it's simply not as easy when playing on a console as you can't take it with you like you could the DS. Not to mention the fact that I have children who also love to play the game, so I have to share the Wii time with them!

Daytime fish and insects - they'll have to be caught at weekends since I'm at work during the weekdays normally

As I've played again this week I've just been enjoying some of my favourite parts of the game. I spent one evening laying down patterns and mapping out the acres in my town, in preparation for working on the 'perfect town' challenge, and now I'm just waiting for my new fruit trees to grow before I can plant some more.

It's been easy to find some wifi friends on various Animal Crossing forums, and I've enjoyed testing out that side of the game. Now I have all the different types of fruit growing in my town, which is good as I need to make some serious money!

I've managed to pay off the first two mortgage instalments. I did the first one by sheer hard work, fishing and selling fruit. The second was slightly easier; I had really high turnip prices in my town so I advertised the fact on a forum. Then I had a few people come to sell turnips. One of them generously donated some bells after they'd made a huge profit, so that was really helpful! I'm going to be buying turnips this Sunday and hoping to find a good price to sell them somewhere myself! The Stalk Market is definitely the best way to make big money.

If you walk a certain route lots of times, the grass wears away, making a path.

Saharah, the carpet seller, visited my town this week - only now she's a carpet recycler! She wanted me to ask my villagers for old carpets but none of them had any for me, so she wouldn't give me one of her special carpets!

Nook still has his smallest shop, Nook's Cranny. He's had special items for sale every day, I think - and one day it was the throne, but at 800,000 bells it was much too expensive for me! I've just been buying flowers and concentrating on the town layout, but I think I probably ought to buy a bit more from the shop in order to get the shop upgrade soon.

My favourite new feature of the week has to be the dynamic paths. In City Folk, if you walk a certain route lots of times, the grass wears away, making a path. I love this! It's fab to see the path appearing on my favourite routes around the town.

That's all for now - this is nowhere near exhaustive but there will be more next week too!

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Written by Clare Sharpe

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