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More Game Party Wii Review

22/05/2009 Family Eclectic Gamer Review
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More Game Party Nintendo Wii

More Game Party

Nintendo Wii


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If, when you first see the box for More Game Party you think 'oh yes, another Wii Sports game', you're not far wrong. It is a mini-game collection containing 11 games, some of which are very familiar (Darts, Hoop Shoot) and others are variations on a theme - all played with the Wii remote in action.

The game doesn't use Miis like Wii Sports and Wii Play; instead you can choose a customizable character with which to play, as well as creating your own in game profile with which to track progress and skill level. Nice idea, although graphically the characters aren't much to look at, so we didn't bother with this - of course customizing a player doesn't actually make any difference to gameplay.

Up to four players can play simultaneously, although there is a tournament mode where up to sixteen people can take part. Games can drag on a bit with a lot of players though, in my experience.

Even our non-gaming Grandma and Grandpa could join in!

Our family did enjoy playing this; as with Wii Sports and Play it is easy to pick up and play without any preparation. Even our non-gaming Grandma and Grandpa could join in! Despite an initial reluctance they were quickly playing Puck Bowling as competitively as the children one night when they came over to babysit. When we got home we heard that the children hadn't had a very early night as they'd let them stay up to try out more of the games!

Having said that, we found that the games did get boring, as none of them are desperately interesting, and the controls in some cases weren't that responsive or intuitive.

We would always go for one of the original Nintendo games as they are just better.

We just ended up feeling that it was a bad copy, even a bad re-hash of the first Game Party collection, let alone Nintendo's own games! If we wanted to get a party game out when we had friends or family around we would always go for one of the original Nintendo games as they are just better.

If you already have Wii Sports or Play you won't need this as it hardly adds anything to the genre. And if you don't already have one of the originals, look out for a pre-owned copy of one of them rather than wasting your time and money on this game.

Written by Clare Sharpe

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