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Squeeballs Party Wii Review

19/06/2010 Family Eclectic Gamer Review
Guest author: Anya Graham
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Squeeballs Party Nintendo Wii

Squeeballs Party

Nintendo Wii


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Anya Graham

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Squeeballs Party is a cuter more sadistic, and more entertaining version of Wii-Sports. Sure, Wii-Sports may have nuanced motion controls, but only Squeeballs lets you launch creepy critters or make hot dogs out of your little friends. Of course, not all people will see the above as positives. It helps that this game perfectly fits my eclectic sense of humour.

Squeeballs party is incredibly versatile. Not content with simply providing a multiplayer and single player function, there are different ways to play in either situation. I appreciated this as I can happily work through the 'challenge' single-player mode, unlocking new games as I go, and also just pick things out at random for myself or for a whole bunch of people to play. It would be perfect for a group of friends or even a party. Perhaps I should bust out this gem at my housewarming?

The music and introductions are great. The music has a TV-show feel to it that fits what's going on in the game. It hasn't been tarred with the 'oh it's not a serious game so it doesn't need proper music' brush. I really hate it when that happens. One of my many roles is as a sound engineer, so not surprisingly I think that music can play a huge role in games, even ones that aren't taking themselves too seriously.

The music has a TV-show feel to it that fits what's going on in the game.

Each time you start a mini-game in Squeeballs party, there is a little intro scene showing what you'll do in the game before some short instructions. Of course, you can skip these once you know what you're doing, but sometimes I like to look through them anyways because they are so entertaining. Extra unlockable features complete the professional feel - character bio's and stats pages.

I've been trying to think what my favourite part of Squeeballs Party is - but I'm stumped as there are so many. Possibly the cooking games have the edge, as you have lots of combinations of different actions to go through, and for the awesome faces that the Squeeballs make. Or perhaps the paint-by-squeeballs number, where you get to splat your little buddies all over a canvas (you can even use some artistic license if you want to). Maybe even the crazy lanes offering, which is like some kind of off-road bowling. Basically, you've got to see this game to believe me when I tell you how much fun it is.

For all my eclectic tastes Squeeballs Party is fast becoming new favourite best friend.

For all my eclectic tastes Squeeballs Party is fast becoming new favourite best friend. Pretty much everything about it I adore. For my kooky sense of humour there is just he right mix of hilariously cute and slightly sadistic to keep my chuckling. Can I keep them all as pets? Please? I'll play with them all the time, I promise. I mean, I'm even off to have some fun times with them now.

Guest review by Anya Graham

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Anya Graham wrote this Eclectic Gamer article under the watchful eye of Clare Sharpe.

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