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Dodogo DSi-Ware Review

18/05/2010 Family Family Gamer Review
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Dodogo DSi-Ware




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Dodogo DSi-ware creates a dialled down platform game. While level design and aesthetic will initially attract, it was the character-full eggs themselves that kept us playing.

In Dodogo you guide eggs back to the safety of their nest. Various dangers lie between them and their continued propagation, that call for stylus and microphone intervention.

It looks very simple, but as with Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's or the older Lemmings, this simplicity is put to task by some ingenious levels. Like those games, you can get through most levels without too much trouble, but to earn top medals you need to figure out the most efficient way through.

But unlike March of the Mini's or Lemmings where the individual community members are pretty anonymous, Dodogo is played with a set of individual eggs. Each one has its own character and moods. This not only leads to a little bit of nurturing amidst the puzzle solving, but also a great connection with the player. In fact I often hear howls of agony from my five year old as their last egg bites the dust.

He has struggled with some levels at times, although a bit of help from older siblings has usually set him straight. They themselves seemed to suite the game much better, repeat playing each level to earn special prizes, level skipping jokers and the ever popular egg costumes.

The simplicity and amiable eggs combine with the puzzle-platforming play style to offer an entertaining DSi-ware game.

Like other rolly games LocoRoco PSP , Rolando iPhone or Soul Bubbles DS, beneath the puzzle solving this is actually a platform game. This is no bad thing as it keeps things moving forward with a bit of momentum. Timing and exploration are key skills to get all the eggs back home safely.

There are plenty of nice touches and novel ideas here, but the central idea isn't a new one. Not that that is a bad thing though. The simplicity and amiable eggs combine with the puzzle-platforming play style to offer an entertaining DSi-ware game.

You get over 100 levels for your 800 points, so although it's not the cheapest DSi-ware around, it's good value. And if you have a collection of kids who want to play something new on their DS, this fits the bill well - and will suite most ages.

Written by Andy Robertson

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