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Bejeweled Twist PC Review

01/05/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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Bejeweled Twist PC

Bejeweled Twist



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Who could have ever imagined that Bejeweled can get any better? Well, it did with Bejeweled Twist same goal, just much more twisted to get to.

After playing the original versions and the awesomely updated Bejeweled 2 I had much to like about the game, but really only had undisturbed fun when playing the Zen alternative where the game did not end for reasons of pure luck. Bejeweled Twist changes all that.

The only change made in regards to how the game is played is how jewels change their place on the game board. Rather than switching two jewels a block of four jewels is rotated clockwise. I first started with the Zen mode due to my somewhat annoying experience with the classical game play in Bejeweled 2. The graphics are even more amazing, the animations are breathtaking, and there is absolutely no way to play this game just for a few minutes. The vortexes and wormholes between levels now really draw one in. I talked to a Bejeweled expert at work and he mentioned that due to the rotations even the classic game play never runs out of moves.

The folks from PopCap crafted a master piece that not only Mums like, but everyone anywhere in any galaxy.

I tried it out and really loved if. This is exactly how Bejeweled was meant to be. There are still plenty of chances to have the game end earlier than desired, but this time around the rules are clear and it is mainly a matter of skill rather than sheer luck generated by the computer. And the classic game also has some nice touches that the Zen mode does not have. Rather than wormholing to the next level the score counter changes into a spaceship and flies through nicely rendered nebula to the next level, which appears first as a cube. Those cubes remind me of the Borg cubes from Star Trek and for sure, Bejeweled Twist will assimilate you and resistance is futile not that I resist anyway.

The folks from PopCap crafted a master piece that not only Mums like, but everyone anywhere in any galaxy. This is one of if not the most amazing game I ever played. Almost all aspects of the game fully hit the mark, although I prefer the spacey background music from Bejeweled 2. Regardless of that, this game is top shelf!

Written by Andy Robertson

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