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Peggle PC Review

18/04/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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Peggle PC




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Peggle is the perfect game for pinball fanatics who like pinball simulations with a twist, millions of points, and plenty of challenges.

This review would have been ready much earlier if it wasn't for Peggle. I had to convince myself that now is the time to write about this game rather than to play it - it is just that awesome!

Peggle is a pinball game where the plunger is atop of the playfield that has pegs in different colors. Shooting the ball at the pegs makes them disappear once the ball is lost. The prime targets are the orange pegs, because once those are all removed the next level comes along. The goal of the game is that simple and yet this awesome game isn't even a bit boring.

I am happy that I learned at least a bit in high school and know the concept of emergent angle being the same as the incident angle. This is a useful skill for this game. There is plenty to shoot at, there are plenty of balls, and making plenty of points is not difficult. And even if one runs out the game is not over. Each level can be repeated several times and it becomes easier over time. It's not 'game over' after loosing a few balls like with any other pinball game. The score goes down for repeating a level, but the hours of fun are not cut short. Although the objective remains the same, each level is different and requires new tricks to master it.

My Peggle skills impressed my son so much that he burst out 'You are awesome, daddy!'

A really nice touch are the lovely background pictures and the fireworks that accompany the classical German music that gets played as celebration for finishing a level. This game is so much fun that the 75 adventures with 55 levels each seem not to be enough. Rarely did a game get me hooked like that. My Peggle skills impressed my son so much that he burst out 'You are awesome, daddy!' I think he was sincere about it, but maybe he wanted to butter me up - shortly after he tried every trick to get me off the computer so that he could play. The folks at PopCap outdid themselves with this game!

Written by Andy Robertson

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