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Peggle Nights PC Review

19/04/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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Peggle Nights PC

Peggle Nights



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For anyone who liked Peggle the sequel Peggle Nights is a must and a treasure trove for new adventures and hours of fun.

After tearing myself away from Peggle I gave myself the royal treatment and dove into Peggle Nights. The masters of the Peggle Institute that guided one through the original game are back and offer new adventures. This time the adventures are themed based on what the Peggle masters dream to do, which is anything from scientist to rock star. The goal is the same, clear the orange pegs, rake in as many points as possible, and use the Peggle master's special powers wisely that still hide behind the green pegs. This time around more things turn and even more stuff is in the way, but for seasoned Peggle players the adventures are almost too easy to complete. Marina, the squid, is a new Peggle master and her electrobolt power is quite tricky to master. It is too easy to just blast away a few pegs that wouldn't have been a problem anyway.

It is impressive to see how many bright minds are needed in order to craft such a simple, but at the same time awesome game.

Besides the adventures Peggle Nights has also 60 challenges, which are not easy at all. Most of them require several tries using different Peggle master powers. And new twists are added, such as one challenge where half of the shots are placed by the computer, often not very wisely.

Peggle Nights also has really nice background graphics. One feels compelled to clear the blue pegs to get a better view of the background. A nice touch are the credits that get played after one finishes the adventures. It is impressive to see how many bright minds are needed in order to craft such a simple, but at the same time awesome game. I thank all of them, because otherwise I'd do chores rather than having lots of pegglescious fun.

Written by Andy Robertson

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