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SingStar Queen PS3 Review

16/09/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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SingStar Queen PS3

SingStar Queen



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SingStar continues to be the de facto sing-along experience on any console. The Queen collection brings not only music but great time-travel inducing videos to the PS3.

The game offers a comprehensive set of songs from across the whole catalogue. Seeing these all in one place is not only a great resource to any SingStar party (you can hold Select on any SingStar game to swap in the Queen disc) but it also creates a real sense of the band's story.

From the early success of breakthrough songs like Another One Bits the Dust to the world renown Bohemian Rhapsody to the Live Aid anthem, Who Wants to Live Forever, the whole gamete is here. Even I, not a massive Queen fan really enjoyed visiting the dim and distant past, as well as more recent, memories with the soundtrack to much of my growing up. And now I get to sing it myself.

The pack offers a strong 18 songs that will be more than enough for a good few evenings entertainment alone. They can then be added to the growing library of disc based SingStar songs, alongside your songs purchased from the SingStore.

Perhaps it was because I recently purchased the wireless microphones, but this outing for Queen seemed to be a real coming of age for the game in my family. Even our kids got in on the act here - and I was surprised how many of the songs they already seemed to know. The den truly became our own little glam rock temple.

Even our kids got in on the act here - and I was surprised how many of the songs they already seemed to know.

I would have liked to have seen some new game modes alongside the new songs. But the problem may well be with the comprehensive list already available there's not a lot of space for many more. I'd also like the option of getting the PlayStation Eye in on the act.

Apart from these small quibbles, I found SingStar Queen to be another strong addition to the SingStar library - which is starting to require a shelf of it's own in the den.

Written by Andy Robertson

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