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Skylanders Swap Force At Toys R Us

10/10/2013 Skylanders: Swap Force Preview
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Skylanders: Swap Force PS3

Skylanders: Swap Force



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Skylanders Swap Force lands at Toys R Us and we get a sneak peak of the unboxing.

There is also a great full review of Skylanders Swap Force on Forbes from yours truely.

We also have a look at how the previous games sold on different formats. Here we can see the full picture of how Skylanders sold on different formats. Firstly, in blue, we see the slow burn of the initial Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure game. Released in October, it wasn’t until the Christmas period that things really took off. Rather than the usual big week one sales that slowly decline, here the pattern was reversed with more units being sold week on week right through to week 12.

Also interesting in the blue Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure graph is that the game went on selling well even when the next iteration was released. Although it is hard to be sure, this could be down to the limited edition figures in that Start Pack, and the backwards compatible feature of Skylanders Giants.

Moving on to Skylanders Giants and the three graphs for Wii, 360 and PS3 sales we can see how the different systems performed in relation to each other. Most striking is how far the Wii version of the game out performs the other formats. At a time when other developers (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for example won’t have a Wii version) are reducing their spend and focus on the Wii Giants was able to leverage that install base effectively.

Written by Andy Robertson

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