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Dream Bingo Web Review

21/01/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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Dream Bingo Web

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I'd not dabbled in online Bingo before, but with the slowing of conventional games releases this time of year, and my recent discovery of Texa Hold 'em Poker, I thought I'd give it a go. I liked the idea of it's simplicity and low commitment, oh and the chance to win some mullah is always nice.

Dream Bingo seemed like a good place to start with Bingo gaming, with it being UK based. Once there I stepped up for some 90 ball bingo - apparently the most played version of bingo in the UK. It was pretty straight forward, with three winning combinations to go for - one line, two line and full house.

Getting started was nicely straight forward as well.

Getting started was nicely straight forward as well. You simply click Buy to procure some bingo uk cards, each made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. It was nice to be able to jump into games from as little as 5p. I wanted to get the feel of it before I ventured towards to slightly crazy 50p extravaganzas.

With my heart in my mouth I started the first game. Dream Bingo's cleverly named auto-daub technology means you don't have to keep tabs on all your numbers, the game does that for you. You can just relax and (hopefully) watch your numbers come in.

After a few games I noticed you could alo talk to your fellow players. It made it feel a little more like a proper Bingo Hall to be able to talk amoungst ourselves as the bingo host kept us informed of porgress in the game.

I was impressed with Dream Bingo's all round service.

A little later I realised you could join forums as well. This means that you can play with your online buddies Once you've buddied-up (as they put it) you can choose to play with those friends. Again another step towards the authentic Bingo experience.

All in all I was surprised how reasonably the whole experience could be and I was impressed with Dream Bingo's all round service. While I know I need to limit my spending here to sensible proportions, winning (and loosing) my spare change has never been so much fun.

Written by Andy Robertson

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