rough guide series. Again and again I've come across parents, guardians and even aunties who wanted to find out about the favourite hobby of the people they care about - gaming."/>
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11/08/2008 Family Family Gamer Article
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Some of the best conversations I've had this year have been off the back of my rough guide series. Again and again I've come across parents, guardians and even aunties who wanted to find out about the favourite hobby of the people they care about - gaming.

But what surprised me the most was the enthusiasm for these simple game run-downs from the sites I write for. Over at GameProFamily we are publishing a good three or four of these a week, collecting them together where we can around a common theme. It's exciting to work with GamePro who are really committed to providing a space where parents can really learn about and enjoy games. Then on GeekDad I've received a warm welcome as I have brought family gaming articles. And together we have hatched a plan to bring the most popular Parent's Guides each week to the Wired Geek Dad audience. Then there are other sites, too many to mention, such as Savvy Auntie and Parent's Lounge who have asked to get on board with occasional Parent's Guides.

As my readers and publishers lapped up the guides, I thought I would step up my game as well. So, as an experiment for the next few weeks (starting on 18th August 2008) I'm going to be taking some time out from my hardcore games writing so I can deliver a new Rough Guide every day. One for each day of the week. As I say this is an experiment, but who knows perhaps this will turn into a new career for me. I'm more than happy to read and spark a few ideas for our communities and families.

I plan to pick a theme for each week, so by the end you will have a set of guides for games of a similar genre. But if you have a game that you'd like to see get the Rough Guide treatment, let me know. I'm happy to accommodate most suggestions.

Wish me luck then, the next few weeks are going to be interesting to say the least. But this is one gamble I am excited about taking. I'm not expecting to reach the heights of Jonathan Coulton, although if by doing this I can take a baby step towards my dream job then it will be no bad thing (a week).

You will be able to follow the daily guides here as well as on the other sites I write for. Or why not subscribe at Game People so you don't miss any.

Here is my progress so far:

Written by Andy Robertson

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