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Choosing Multiplayer

03/03/2010 Family Family Gamer Article
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Choosing Multiplayer

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Choosing the right game is an important decision, they are not cheap after all. Once you have identified the games you set-up supports, you then need to choose what style of game best suites the people you play with.

Some of these choices will be determined by which genre of game you like playing with your friends. Shooting and racing games lend themselves most obviously to play in groups, but other genres such as adventures and strategy games can also become much more engaging experiences when played with other people.

Once you have chosen a genre, you have the following types of multiplayer game style to work with. Again, some of this may be determined by the consoles and controllers you have to hand, but just as much this should reflect the people playing. Groups of mixed ability may enjoy team games where they can be assisted by more able players. Expert groups may want to play their favourite game with the difficulty on maximum to provide a challenge to their player party.

Finding the right genre and style of multiplayer game for your friends or family can make all the difference to their enjoyment of gaming sessions. A little time spent beforehand both on the games themselves and the equipment set-up is well worth the investment.

Written by Andy Robertson

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