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The Price of Early Adoption

10/12/2009 Family Family Gamer Article
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The Price of Early Adoption

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All technology charges a premium to those who want to try it first. Early adopters get used to the fact that what they bought will soon be worth a fraction of what they paid. But in gaming this seems even more the case as even a few months after release games and hardware prices soon tumble.

I was reminded this recently when I stumped up for a new PSP GO. This is perhaps the most frivolous of early purchases I've made for some time. It really doesn't offer many new features, and even has a smaller screen than the PSP-3000. But as any early adopter will know, it's new form factor and design was enough to get me pre-ordering.

As I clicked the buy button though I did hear a little voice in my head ask whether this device was really worth paying about the same as a PS3 for. Nevertheless I pressed on, and when it arrived I was more than happy with the experience. Not only the new design, but blue tooth support for my PS3 DualShock 3 controller, and the new PSP Mini games were enough to keep me interested.

I was struck by that bane of the early adopter - the price drop.

But then I was struck by that bane of the early adopter - the price drop on the slightly older model PSP-3000. I stumbled across a news report that Littlewoods was selling the PSP and Gran Turismo for just GBP155. A cold shiver ran down my back, as I had to push regret to the recesses of my mind.

But it got worse, I realised that I could get a further GBP15 off with a voucher code. Stealing myself, I decided to make the best of a bad day and share this information. So here I am writing this little post about getting the stunning little PSP Go and Gran Turismo for a mere GBP140 - a frightful GBP120 less than I paid.

All you need to do is stump up to the Littlewoods site and use voucher code ZG246 when you open a credit account. When you do, why not come back here and let me know what you think of it.

Written by Andy Robertson

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