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Disney Infinity Swaps Skylanders for Tokens

02/02/2013 Disney Infinity Swaps Skylanders for Tokens Review
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Disney Infinity is the new gaming and toy experience from Disney Interactive to rival Skylanders. A big difference here is that it swaps Skylanders in-game upgrades for circular tokens purchased seperately. With Disney recently purchasing Lucasfilm it seems likely that we will see Star Wars charaters in the game before too long -- "feel the force Luke".

First up, we have part one of an interview with John Blackburn, CEO for Avalanche Software - developers of Disney Infinity. We get a look at the toys, the new portal and the way that these toys will interact with the game world. We also discuss the level-creation features, more reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet. Plenty of Skylanders style swaps to be done in the playground with these Disney figures soon.

Disney and Pixar put on a great show announcing Disney Infinity. In this FamilyGamerTV we present to you our own view of the press conference, featuring Toy Story creator John Lasseter:

Based on the information we have, so far, about Disney Infinity, FamilyGamerTV presents its own analysis and expectations of how Disney Infinity will play, looking closely at crossovers and difference between this title and Skylanders:

In the second part of our interview with John Blackburn, CEO for Avalanche Software, we get some great specifics about retail prices, the contents of the starter packages and the pricing of each of the different elements.

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isney Infinity Swaps Skylanders for Tokens 360 Review

Disney Infinity Swaps Skylanders for Tokens




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Again we find that Disney Infinity offers a more flexible way to swap characters, rather than Skylanders which force players to swap when a character has run out of energy.

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Written by Andy Robertson

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