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Skylanders Swap Force

11/02/2013 Skylanders Swap Force Review
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Skylanders Swap Force was announced at a New York press event on Time Square. Here are all the details and videos.

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kylanders Swap Force 360 Review

Skylanders Swap Force




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In This Week's Show

We looked at Skylanders Swap Force.

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The new Skylanders console game introduces a new toy with a swappable torsos, more returning and light-core Skylanders and some new characters. Plus, they finally work out how to jump.

16 Swap Force Skylanders including Magna Charge, Wash Buckler and Blast Zone. These three result in nine Swap Force combinations possible with above three figures: Magna Charge, Magna Buckler, Magna Zone, Wash Charge, Wash Buckler, Wash Zone, Blast Charge, Blast Zone, Blast Buckler, Blast Zone.

8 Lightcore Skylanders.

16 Series 3 Skylanders returning from Giants and Spyro's Adventure including Stealth Elf.

16 Core Skylanders including Rollerbrawl and Countdown.

Written by Andy Robertson

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