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06/10/2008 Family Family Gamer Guide
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PDC Darts 360

PDC Darts



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PDC Darts was first release on the Wii, where it majored on the flick-to-throw motion controls. Now on the 360 and PSP what may be dialled down in terms of gestures is more than compensated for by graphical fidelity.

It's one of those type of game genres...

Sports games recreate a wide variety of real life competitive games. Depending on the sport, these will either have an action or strategy focus. Popular sports games are often released on an annual basis, each year the game receives new player rosters and game improvements.

But why is it any better than the others...

PDC Darts brings an unusual activity to video gaming. Although not necessarily the top of many gamer's lists, its intelligent controls and structure proves there is more to Darts than may have been thought. The game somewhat makes a mockery of the in your face Wii gesture controls - in fact many may consider the analogue stick throwing to provide more nuance and control than the Wii-mote. There is less sense of connection between player and screen than on the Wii, but the action is both more predictable and focused on the scenarios actually transpiring in the match.

So what experience should I play this game for...

The moments that drive players to play PDC Darts revolve around the stress inducing double-top-finishes. As you whittle away your 501, something about the increased adrenaline combines with your motor controls to make hitting those 180's increasingly tricky. This sense of rhythm and crescendo does a great job of recreating the experience that Darts lovers have enjoyed for years.

And when can I take a break...

Although Darts doesn't necessitate long drawn out games, the majority of sessions here to last into thirty minutes. It is possible to blast through stages a lot quicker, but this is to miss the pacing and building sense of tension that the game works so hard to create.

This is a great game for who...

The fidelity of control required to land darts accurately means that younger players are probably better served by PDC Darts Wii. Intermediate players with higher levels of patience (or a love of Darts) will find a challenging and enjoyable experience here. But it is probably down to the hardcore gamers and Darts players to find the most value here. They will have the enthusiasm and stamina to get beneath the popular veneer and tap into what is a well balanced sports simulation.

Written by Andy Robertson

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