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Bionic Commando on 360

Bionic Commando Screen Shots

Bionic Commando is a Adventuring game available on the 360.

Bionic Commando is a Adventuring game. Adventure games are enjoyed for two reasons: they provide enemy encounters that require tactics and strategy to conquor, and they create a fantasy world in which to explore and adventure.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Phantasy Star Online for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Family Gamer review Tue, 01 Sep 2009

This is the first true sequel to the 1988 NES and arcade original, with the 8bit 2D swing and shoot mechanic being transformed into the fantastic 3D environment of a city devastated by a nuclear explosion. While the game fully delivers on recreating the joy of the original, at times it lacks its own ingenuity and becomes something of a charicture of that great game.

Facing the death penalty for crimes he didn't commit, the protagonist, Nathan 'Rad' Spencer gets a reprieve from death row as long as he takes on a suicidal mission behind enemy lines to find out what the terrorists are up to.
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Returning Gamer review Mon, 27 Apr 2009

Phantasy Star Online was a dreamlike experience of unimagined multiplayer possibilities. Along with the demise of its Dreamcast platform, this pinacle of my 90's gaming marked my departure from videogames for some time.

There was never a warning; a word, an image, a video, anything to tell me, and many others about the dangers of Phantasy Star Online - how addictive it truly was. Time spent not playing Phantasy Star Online, was, well, time spent not playing Phantasy Star Online. And that, I'm afraid, would always be time wasted.
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