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Boogie: Superstar on Wii

Boogie: Superstar Screen Shots

Boogie: Superstar is a Rhythmaction game available on the Wii.

Boogie: Superstar is a Rhythmaction game. Rhythm action games combine the enjoyment that comes from creating music with the challenge of video game scoring. The player is usually tasked with dancing on a mat, tapping a touch screen, pressing a button, singing into a mic or strumming a fake guitar controller in time with the music.


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Returning Gamer review Sat, 22 Nov 2008

Back in the mid to late 80's the UK used to receive a television programme hosted by eyeless Australian celebrity Clive James. High points of the show included a Japanese show called Endurance where you got to see men doing handstands against mirrors in the heat of the desert, whilst having magnifying glasses burn onto their nipples. Another retrospective feature of the show included something not seen in the UK up until this point on a mass scale - Karaoke. That is to say, the art of singing (usually whilst inebriated) in public, to a group of complete strangers, as social recreation. It soon caught on, the years passed by, and we now have Boogie Superstar (Wii - EA Games, Oct 2008), following on from the earlier Wii Boogie release.

Like the previous Boogie Wii incumbence, the play is split between Dancing and Singing. You can dance for points or sing for points. To be honest, after playing the original release, I was expecting the worst, and I certainly wasn't disappointed, but at a price tag guaranteed to ruin your xmas (although you can usually get a microphone bundled in). Don't get me wrong I'm not a Karaokophobe, I've had many a great evening stumbling around the city singing, but it will take more convincing to get me believing that a transition to video game is a good idea for this activity.
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