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Brink on 360

Brink Screen Shots

Brink is a Shooting game available on the 360. It can be played in Competitive Singleplayer modes.

Brink is a Shooting game. Shooting games present a world in which the character must shoot their way out of dangerous situations. They provide the player with an array of weapons tailored to specific tasks. This unavoidably involves a combination of fisticuffs and gun based fighting that dictates the violent nature of these experiences. Beneath this harsh exterior though is often an intricate tactile game - and this is usually what drives the player.

Brink can be played in a Competitive mode. Competitive Multiplayer games provide experiences where players compete against each other and the computer. Obviously lending itself to sports and team games, these competitive engagements have also dominated the shooting and fighting genres because of the direct combat and expertise involved in each. Although these games were originally played in a split screen style, more recently they are played online via services such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the Nintendo Wireless Connection.

Brink can be played in a Singleplayer mode. Single Player Campaign games focus on one player's experience. Rather than collaborate with other players either locally or online, players progress alone. The campaign style of gameplay offers a connected series of challenges to play through. These chapters work together to tell a story through which players progress. Single player games are able to focus on one experience of a scenario, so that it is usually a richer, more visceral game.



Brink blends single, co-op and multiplayer modes into one amorphous gaming mass. Like APB and canned The Crossing, players choose their own side in a dynamic world that promises to create scenarios to fit the changing combatants.

You've heard of blended families, well Brink is a blended videogame. It combines single-player, co-op, and multiplayer game play into one experience. You can develop your character playing alone, with friends, or online. You select the role you want to play as you fight to save mankind.
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Story Gamer review Mon, 20 Jun 2011

Brink 360 has a story with potential and some great game mechanics, but its old school FPS face-offs are too throwaway to be truly satisfying.

Brink is a tricky beast. On paper it looks like a great idea: a multiplayer shooter with a futuristic back story and a core of RPG-style progression, whereby XP is earned and new abilities and weapons unlocked. In practice it isn't as fun as that elevator pitch makes it sound.
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Family Gamer Podcast review Wed, 11 May 2011

This week in the family gaming show Loz and I talk about what it so unusual about the FPS Brink, and bring in Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage to set us straight. Carcassonne iPad and Star Patrol on DSi-ware also get the family gaming treatment. Also broadcast on Kerrang Radio.

This Family Gaming podcast is broadcast each week on Kerrang Radio's Loz Guest show. We talk about the latest games, and how we find time to play them with busy family and work lives.
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Multiplayer Gamer review Tue, 10 May 2011

Brink is a pastiche of different games, but with a clear vision of what it means to bring these things together. It's a first person running game like Mirror's Edge, it melds single and multiplayer like Left 4 Dead and it brings pixel perfect PC shooting to a console audience like Team Fortress -- but somehow it isn't the car crash it could have been.

The success of Brink's whole comes largely from the brash swagger and style the game manages to conjure. It means that rather than the various technical elements, it's Brink's character and presentation that are front and centre. A visual style ties the experience together, while providing a clean aesthetic that enables the dense forest of cues and information to remain readable at all times.
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