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Civilisation Revolutions on 360

Civilisation Revolutions Screen Shots

Civilisation Revolutions is a Strategy game available on the 360.

Civilisation Revolutions is a Strategy game. Strategy games provide experiences that require quick thinking, and forward planning from the gamer. They combine the unfolding tactics of classic games like chess, with more recent board games such as Risk. Usually focusing on a theatre of war context, players enjoy the tactical overview of the battle these games provide.


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Family Gamer review Tue, 11 Sep 2007

Sid Meier's strategy king comes to the 360. Can it dispel the image of the console as 'no good for this sort of game'? Is it just a dumbed down version of its PC counterpart Civilization 4? Or is it a perfectly honed creation that will give both newcomers and hardened veterans a taste of this unique strategy game in a slightly easier to digest package?

I've played Civ games since Civ2 and so have my children so we've got a lot of history with this franchise. As such we may have brought a little PC bias to the table when we started but we were very soon won over by the game and have put in a lot of hours in our attempts to conquer the word (insert evil laughter here).
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