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Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises on 360

Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises Screen Shots

Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises is a Improving game available on the 360.

Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises is a Improving game. Platform games task you with getting from point A to point B. The world you journey through is usually based on different levels, and populated with enemies, switches and lifts to be negotiated. As you work through each level you pick up various collectables that accrue score, special abilities and access to hidden areas.


Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises

Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises bring a touch of Nintendo magic to Kinect in February.

The personality behind the very popular Brain Training DS games - that arguably contributed to the handheld's initial success - is coming the 360. Dr. Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises uses Kinect to walk players (ed: literally?) through a series of daily exercises to keep them alert and healthy.
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Scared Gamer review Sat, 05 Feb 2011

Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain is a stretch on Kinect, but what starts as frustrating soon emerges to offer a challenge that links mind and body.

Taking the incredibly popular Dr Kawashima's Brain Training from DS and transposing into 360 Kinect is not an immediately intuitive match. With the touch screen of the DS so perfectly suited to the mind games of the original, moving them wholesale to the less precise motion controls simply wouldn't work. Fortunately, Namco are aware of the dangers of the platform change and have forced the good doctor on to a treadmill to get in shape for an altogether more active set of challenges.
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