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EA Sports Active on Wii

EA Sports Active Screen Shots

EA Sports Active is a Improvement game available on the Wii. It can be played in Thirdperson Competitive modes.

EA Sports Active is a Improvement game. Self improvement games tap into the popular trend in exercise, workouts and therapy. Experiences as diverse as Brain Training on Nintendo DS and Wii-Fit on the Nintendo Wii have popularised the idea that games can be about more than just having fun - they can improve your brain, body and even mental outlook on life.

EA Sports Active can be played in a Thirdperson mode. Third Person games view the world from over the right shoulder of the character being controlled. This enables you to see the character you are controlling as well as their surrounds. Although not as immersive as first person, third person games enable more complex moves and interactions with the environment.

EA Sports Active can be played in a Competitive mode. Competitive Multiplayer games provide experiences where players compete against each other and the computer. Obviously lending itself to sports and team games, these competitive engagements have also dominated the shooting and fighting genres because of the direct combat and expertise involved in each. Although these games were originally played in a split screen style, more recently they are played online via services such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the Nintendo Wireless Connection.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on EA Sports Active for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Domestic Gamer review Fri, 19 Jun 2009

I've been hoping that someone might make something that I can actually use my Wii-Fit balance board for ever since I bought it. Sadly it has been gathering dust under the sofa for about a year. Wii-Fit was fun but I was left with a disappointed feeling when I realised that running on the spot, doing headers and standing on one leg weren't really going to make me sylphlike! There were plenty of exercises in there but being centred around the balance board meant it was a little limited.

Now EA Games have come up with the answer or so it seems. The full package of workout programmes which use the nun chuck and wii mote as motion sensors with a leg strap for the nun chuck. The workouts also use the balance board and a nice stretchy resistance strap too, all of which provide lots of varied workouts you can do on your own or with a friend.
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Fit Gamer review Thu, 18 Jun 2009

In six months I have lost two stone through eating less (what a radical idea) and exercise games: first Wii-Fit, then My Fitness Coach. However neither of these has been really satisfactory in the long term and I needed something to re-energise my workouts.

Most experts recommend that you need to be active, with a raised heart rate for 15-30 minutes before you get real benefit from exercise, something that is difficult with Wii-Fit because of its lack of routines and endless switching between mini-games.
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