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Endless Ocean on Wii

Endless Ocean Screen Shots

Endless Ocean is a Adventuring game available on the Wii.

Endless Ocean is a Adventuring game. Adventure games are enjoyed for two reasons: they provide enemy encounters that require tactics and strategy to conquor, and they create a fantasy world in which to explore and adventure.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Endless Ocean / Forever Blue for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Family Gamer review Mon, 20 Apr 2009

With the launch success of Wii-Sports and Wii-Play Nintendo were keen to capitalise on the casual market. Endless Ocean is a game that aims to do just that; with its break from directed high action gameplay it provides an almost relaxing experience for the casual gamer.

Action adventure games are enjoyed for two reasons. They provide a variety of fast action encounters where you are fighting, fleeing or evading some enemy. They also provide a large world in which to explore and adventure. This exploration is usually driven by some particular plot-tension introduced early in the game that you must resolve.
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Family Gamer review Mon, 11 Aug 2008

Tom Kim from GDC Radio guest reviews today. With his wife Victoria, he talks about their recent discovery of Endless Ocean on Wii.

Just about everything in Endless Ocean on the Wii is a relaxing experience, from the stunning scenery to the leisurely pacing, and even the music. The Enya-like title is a fine example of how the Wii can be used to good effect to break out of traditional game play. My wife likens its sense of discovery to, "the joys of revealing an unexpected gift, or walking down the street and finding a hundred-dollar bill."
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