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Flower, Sun and Rain on DS

Flower, Sun and Rain Screen Shots

Flower, Sun and Rain is a Adventuring game available on the DS.

Flower, Sun and Rain is a Adventuring game. Adventure games are enjoyed for two reasons: they provide enemy encounters that require tactics and strategy to conquor, and they create a fantasy world in which to explore and adventure.


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Microcosm Gamer review Wed, 08 Sep 2010

Flower, Sun and Rain DS is an unusual mystery adventure. It includes Suda 51's (killer7, No More Heroes) usual absurdity - the confusing dialogue and frustrating mechanics will put many people off. Under the surface though, it's infused with layers of meaning, creating an implausible yet intriguing landscape.

My day job is usually enjoyable, but sometimes it's just a grind. Every morning I drag myself out of bed, walk to work, plod through necessary tasks, get sidetracked, and then walk home again. I played Flower, Sun and Rain during a particularly grinding period at work. After a monotonous day I would turn on my DS for a while and be surprised to discover more of the same - it felt like my daily routine replicated in miniature.
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Teen Gamer review Wed, 22 Apr 2009

Flower, Sun and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise, says the box. Great, I thought. Who doesn't love to sink their teeth into a god mystery? You play as Sumio Mondo, a 'Seeker', and his mechanical partner, a computer called Catherine.

As the game starts, you learn that the manager of the Flower, Sun and Rain hotel, Edo, for unknown reasons, has called you to Lospass Island. As the game progresses, you learn more about your mission, and yourself. Flower, Sun and Rain has, admittedly, got a tough act to follow. Being created by the famous mystery game maker Suda51, creator of Killer7 expectations are high for his next game.
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