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Freaky Creatures on PC

Freaky Creatures Screen Shots

Freaky Creatures is a Fighting game available on the PC. It can be played in Turnbased modes.

Freaky Creatures is a Fighting game. Fighting games revolve around the interaction of two or more characters in some form of physical combat. Players learn to control characters through either memorisation of button combinations to access more advance moves, or by their reactions and accurate timing.

Freaky Creatures can be played in a Turnbased mode. Turn Based games are played in turns, so that players can stop and consider their next move. This is common in tactical experience such as strategy or adventure games as this enhances the sense of control and planning the player has. Other genres - such as sporting, fighting and rhythm action games obviously rely on realtime game play.


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Eclectic Gamer review Mon, 02 Mar 2009

Freaky Creatures will surely be the hottest thing to hit the gaming shelves when it is released, and we were lucky enough to be able to give it a try while it is still in Beta testing.

I didn't have a clue what Freaky Creatures was and had never heard of it, but my 8 year old son was bursting with excitement when he received the starter pack, a fairly large blister pack containing two action figurines plus everything we needed to get started with the game. This is a fabulous marketing plan, as I know how much these collectible toys appeal to young boys! The toys come with a code on a card, which unlocks the creatures within the game. Add-on packs will also be available, each with one creature and extra powers. Other items are unlockable in the game itself.
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